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Dining Hall Complete!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

The Dining hall was completed in Fall of 2019.

We approved plans in 2017 and moved forward with building to provide the students with a clean and covered shelter to eat their meals and gather as a whole school. We elected to add full walls to the dining hall, as well as terrazzo floors for a solid, long term building that is able to withstand the harsh elements of Uganda and 500+ sets of little feet.

From the pictures, you can see that this building gets used extensively and is such a blessing to the school and community as a whole. On Facebook it is apparent that this building has become a staple and heart of the school. We all envision this to be a wonderful place for our parents to meet and the community as a whole. (Please feel free to like our Facebook Page- Hope Lives Aloi- for updates right from the school!)

Lastly, Pastor Francis was able to obtain a grant that provided the funding for TWO! water filtration systems. These systems triple filter the water, which in turn, provides the students and staff with access to clean drinking water! How amazing is that?!

We are eagerly anticipating the ability to move forward with more building projects. Stay tuned for the big plans we have for 2020.

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