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Why you should support Hope Lives Aloi

Spending a day at the Hope Lives Elementary School is the best way to be completely convinced of why you should support Hope Lives Aloi.  But, until we can help you schedule your trip to Uganda, consider the circumstances of the students at Hope Lives.  The tragic history of war, famine and disease in Uganda has caused the loss of a generation of adults.  The median age in Uganda is 15.6 years, compared to 37.8 years in the United States.  All of Uganda faces these challenges, but Northern Uganda has been hardest hit by these forces, making it impossible to sustain any real progress toward rebuilding a working society.  Most in the Aloi area survive through subsistence farming, or eke out a small income selling farm products or labor.  These conditions are not likely to change in any significant way until a skilled and educated generation can replace those who have been lost in past decades.


The school educates children from a variety of backgrounds, but it was built for and will always be a school dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children.  The challenge facing Hope Lives is to continue to build its base of financial support so the school can continue to focus on educating those poor children.  Some of the planned student support and infrastructure projects include:


  • Completion of kitchen facilities;

  • Dormitories for all students;

  • Completion of the vocational/technical training facility;

  • Scholarships for qualified students to continue to secondary school after graduation from Hope Lives.

How you can support Hope Lives Aloi:

  • Donate

Our goals for 2020 include the beginning phases of some major building structures:  the vocational school and dormitories. Your financial contribution can be used specifically for these projects or can be put towards educational needs of students.    

  • Travel

Starting major construction projects means we will have feet on the ground in Uganda quite extensively over the next few years. If you are interested in a short term missions trip to support Hope Lives, please contact us.  We would love to set that opportunity up for you.

  • Updates

If you would like to know more, or stay in the know, about Hope Lives so you can keep us in your thoughts and prayers, or gain more insight to make a support decision, we would love to add you to our contact list.  Send us an email and let us know!

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