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Our Beginning

The Hope Lives Elementary School opened its doors in 2013.  Built through a partnership of New Covenant Christian Centre in Lira, Uganda, and Cheyenne Hills Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the school now educates more than 500 children from the preschool “Baby” class to the Primary 7 class. The teachers are well-qualified and experienced, and certified under Ugandan law, and the entire staff is committed to Hope Lives being the best school in northern Uganda.
The school is a great success – 100% of  Hope Lives Primary 7 students have passed Uganda’s national promotion exam for secondary education – a pass rate far better than most Ugandan schools.


Hope Lives would not be in operation today without the generosity of the people of Cheyenne Hills Church, who supported the creation of the school, funded its construction, and paid the annual school fees for hundreds of the students since the school began operation.   Homes of Living Hope, another important partner of Hope Lives, has provided the clinic and library container structures, two container classrooms prepared for vocational/technical training, and a kitchen container scheduled to be delivered in 2020.

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