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Moving Forward

We had some big plans and ideas for what 2020 would look like, for all of our lives, but especially for the lives of the students and staff at Hope Lives. God had other plans and as we know, his plans are always better than ours, even if they seem harder.

We, those of us in the States, wanted so badly to be on the ground when construction started in Uganda. We dreamed of giant scissors, red ribbon and a celebratory feast for the kick off of another phase of construction. However, we get to praise God and celebrate from here because......

We are finally starting the dormitories! As Rob Housman said in one of his emails, "this seems a bit surreal after nine years of dreaming about this."

Designs have been finalized, construction contracts have been signed, plans have been reviewed over and over, money has been raised and the project will now begin. This is a huge step forward for Hope Lives and what they can offer the community of Aloi and beyond.


We are so anxious to be in Uganda. We are monitoring restrictions and openings closely so that when it is safe to travel again, we will. Thank you so much to our sponsors, donators and everyone who has prayed for this as well as supported this mission. These children simply would not have the chance at a future if it were not for you.

We will post pictures as soon as we get more from the staff and will keep you posted as this huge project progresses!

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