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The staff at Hope Lives Elementary School have been busy out in the community, checking on their students and looking after their well being. As with the United States, it has been a confusing and trying time but with the governments approval, food and supplies have been distributed.

Many students are living in challenging situations, extreme poverty or have severe illnesses. We are working with the staff to identify these students and assist where needed. We sent funds over for food to be distributed to those students and families in dire need, many of which are Agoni students.

Our next step is to continue to work with the staff to determine which students are in situations where they could use extra assistance and work to provide that for them. We also are getting ready to send more funds for another food drop.

The school has met with the Ministry and have been given approval to move forward with preparing the school to open in phases. This looks similar to parameters in the United States. Things like appropriate hand washing stations, masks and distancing and phased openings are also being required there. Please pray for all of us as we work to get creative with these parameters so our students can return to their safe and stable environment at school.

We ask that you pray for our students who are struggling with challenging situations, whether that be their health or living situation. Please pray that our funds help to provide and alleviate the struggle for our families and that we can begin to return to school in a safe and effective manner.

The students and the staff send their love and utmost appreciation for the assistance and prayers. They, as well as us here in the States, wish we could be there to help and love on everyone. Until then we will continue to help from afar and look forward to the day the travel bans are loosened so we can be on the ground helping.

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