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Sprucing The Place Up

The Ugandan Government, like the rest of the governments around the world, closed schools and institutions as well as issued stay at home orders towards the end of March. While this is worrying and heartbreaking to not have the students at school, the staff at Hope Lives was able to utilize the down time to focus on some smaller projects that needed done.

The classrooms were in dire need of new ceilings, paint and floors after years of little feet and weather! We decided to go forth with terrazzo flooring, like in the new dining hall. This type of flooring will enable the floors to withstand time better.

The administrative block needed a fresh new exterior!

Lastly, the nursery needed to be completed. We are so excited for this building and the ability for the little ones to have their own new place!

We are counting our blessings that this work was able to be done during the unexpected interruption in school. It puts these "smaller" projects behind us so we can start focusing on the plan for dormitories for the students. We are anxious to be over there to see the work that was completed and to move forward with dormitories. We don't need to tell you how large of a progressive step this will be for the students and staff of Hope Lives.

Please continue to pray for the safety and health of our friends in Aloi and praise God for the work being done. 2020 might not look like we had planned so far but we are faithful and He is good!

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