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Meet The Students

Each year we sit down and interview the Agoni students, the students that have their education costs sponsored.  We do this in order to keep track of students and to learn their needs.  It is a gift to us to be able to see how they have grown, connect with them each individually and watch through our record keeping of their pictures and stories, how their lives have changed.  Some of these changes are encouraging, a lot are heartbreaking. It shows us the true resilience of children and people. Regardless, the students love having their picture taken and we love seeing their faces one on one each year.  Here is a snippet into some of their lives. 

Ocen Jacob


Jacob is around 16 years old.  He loves math and english and wants to be a teacher someday.  He has six brothers and three sisters!

549  Oree Dickens.jpg

Oree Dickens

Middle Class

Dickens started at Hope Lives in 2018 in the baby class. This year he will be six.  He lives with his Mama. They are so shy at this age but oh so adorable.  


Ayo Sarah


Sarah is around 10 years old and she has been at Hope Lives since 2015.  She says her favorite subject is English.  She lives with her mom and dad, two brothers and seven sisters!!


Achola Winnie

P. 2. 

Winnie is around 10 years old. She started at Hope Lives in 2018 and is doing well.  She has 3 brothers and 2 sister and her favorite subject is Math. 

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